Grain de sail

Let’s hear about a great sea story where organic wines, coffees, chocolates and awesome people come together.

Boat © Artem Verbo

And after ?

The Grain de Sail DNA is to always look ahead…

Thus, after coffee, chocolate and wines we are looking to even more ambitious projects. Yes, because one cargo sailboat is not enough! Our ambition is to build a full fleet of vessels to pursue our search of high-quality products within our maritime, human, and environmental adventure.

Our cross-Atlantic voyages

On the first leg of the voyage, Grain de Sail will ship specially selected organic and biodynamic French wines to New York City. Then, our vessel will sail down to Central America to load up on organic coffee and cocoa beans before returning home to Brittany, where Grain de Sail will roast the coffees and produce fine chocolates. The round trips will take around 3 months to complete and will occur twice a year.


Everything we do would be meaningless if consumers did not like our products. Taste and quality are the first priorities for us. Since our cargo sailboat has limited space, we carefully select our ingredients and work hard to deliver only the best products.

Wine degustation © Kelsey Knight


We believe in tackling the impossible. Grain de Sail is both an adventure and a business that brings together people around the same values. We challenge the status quo and push the boundaries for better solutions.

Ocean © Robson Hatsuka

Substainable Development

Simply put, Grain de Sail® wants to couple sustainable seafaring and great organic gastronomic products. By selecting only products organically farmed and transporting them by cargo sailboat, we try to have the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Grape © Maja Petric

Our Promise Label

As it’s important for us that, when taking part of the adventure, you can be sure to have great wines, from amazing winemakers working their vineyard in the most sustainable way, and obviously coming to you thanks to our own Cargo Sailboat, we have developed our own label.

Our destination : New York City

New York © Luca Bravo

To our minds, the Big Apple represents « the American dream ». After all, this is the country where everything is possible. And if it is possible in New York, it is possible everywhere… Isn’t it? New York City is ideally located since it is on the way to Central America, where we will stock up on chocolates and coffee before returning to France. This will create a virtuous circle between the Old Continent and the New.